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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3.How to "tweak" your ads to make them "click"!

3.1 Ad Formats : "Dress" your ads for success!

how would you like your ads served? Banners? Skyscrapers? Rectangles? Squares? what about borders and background colors?

The choices can be overwhelming.Many people let Google decide for them preferring to stick with the default settings.big mistake ! from my own experience I can tell you that it's like swapping a hundred - dollar bill for a ten - dollar one.

for almost one year I settled for just a tenth of what I could have been making - just because I didn't bother to control the looks and placement of my Ad sense ads.

the various ad formats,colors and their placement on the web page can be done in thousands of can literally spend hours every day experimenting with every possible combination.But you don't want to ,do you?

let me give you a few 'ground rules' that have sky - rocketed the CTR's on my top -grossing pages;

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