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Thursday, July 2, 2009

2.3 Google Policies

Adsense works .I know it works because I've got the stats,the checks and the bank balance to prove it.and all of the methods that I used to increase my Adsense revenues were completely legitimate and in line with Google's policies.

That's is possible to cheat Adsense.but you'd have to be crazy to do can make so much money working within Google's rules that to risk getting thrown out by putting ads on pages without content or by persuading users to click on the ads is just plain crazy.

you can find an excellent run - down of Google's do's and don'ts (mostly don'ts) at and I've put a more detailed list at the coming post.

The things to look out for in particular are :

Code Modification

you have to paste the Adsense code into your site as is.and you don't need to do anything else.
your adsense account will let you play with colors and placements ( and getting those right is what will really rocket your income) so why bother playing with Google's HTML? It's not necessary and it could get you a life time ban.


when the ads appear on your page,you have to leave them complately might be tempted to tell your users to "click here" or "support your sponsors but if Google catches you,they could well cut you off.they want people to click because they're genuinely interested in the ad.get your strategy right and they'll do just that.


Google is pretty picky about where the ads are displayed.they don't want advertisers complaining to them that their services were being promoted on a site that supporters gambling
or is filled with profanity or contains more ads than content.if your content doesn't come up to scratch,you'll need a site that does.

Prohibited Clicks

and nastiest of all are the people who either click on their own ads or create programs to do itfor them.
The bottom line is that you don't need any of this staff,Maximizing your revenue within the rules is easy.!


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