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Friday, June 26, 2009

2.2 Signing Up Made Easy

Before you can do anything though,you first have to sign's how you do it.
the sign up page asks for a relatively small amount of information, not all of which is as obvious as you might like.

First ,you'll have to tell Google whether you want an "individual"account or a "company" account - whether you're a company with more than twenty employees or practically a one - man show that's just you and up to nineteen others.that's important for just one tells Google whether to send the money.take a business account and the payments will be made in the name of your company,take an individual account,and they'll be paid directly to you.

you'll also be able to choose between three different ways of receiving your money.Electronic Funds Transfer,local currency check or secured Express general,it's better to get your money by direct deposit using the Electronic Funds Transfer ,Google charges for express mail checks.


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