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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2.1 What is Adsense ? Continue...

The company's owner might then say that he's prepared to pay $1000 overall for his advertising budget but not more than $ 1 for a click.he can be certain now of getting at least a thousand leads.but that's where his control over the ad ends.Google will figure our which sites suit an ad like that and put them where it seems fit,charging the advertiser up to a dollar a click until the advertiser's budget runs out.(of that dollar,how much the publisher receives is a Google secret.The
New York Times has reported Google pays publishers 78.5 percent of the advertising price per click.the figure hasn't been confirmed but it is around what most people in the industry expect Google to pay.)

That makes Adwords different to more traditional form of the print world,an advertiser chooses where it wants to place it's ads and decides if the price is worth paying.

The news paper also decides how much it wants advertisers to pay to appear on it's pages.Any advertiser that meets that price gets the slot and the publisher always knows how much his space is worth.

neither of those things are true online.

When an advertiser signs up to Adwords,he has no idea where his ads are going to turn up.
when you sign up to Adsense,you've got no idea how much you're going to be paid for the ad space on your page.
you leave it to Google to decide whether to give you ads which could pay just a few cents per click or ads which could pay a few dollars per click .


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