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Monday, June 15, 2009

2.1 What is Adsense ? Continue...

People do try to build sites for ads not content,but they tend not to make as much money as high quality sites that attract loyal users who click on ads.the fact is we can make the most of both Adsense and our own ad space without knowing the algorithms that google users to assign ads and pay sites.

that's because Adsense is pretty the most basic level,Adsense is a service run by google that places ads on websites.when you sign up to Adsense ,you agree to take the ads that google gives you and receive a fee each time a user clicks on that ad (or for each thousand ad appearances the ad receives on your site,depending on the type of ad google give you).the ads themselves come from another google service : Adwords.if you want understand Adsense,you will need to understand Adwords.

advertisers submit their ads to google using the adwords program.they write a headline and
a short piece of text - and here's where it gets interesting - they choose how much they want to pay.

Advertisers decide on the size of their advertising budgets and the amount they're prepared to pay for each click they receive.Google then decides where to put those ads.



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