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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Build Traffic, Increase Adsense Money from Your Site

Want to increase your Google Adsense income, make more money from your website and increase search engine traffic? Here’s some tips for boosting your Adsense revenue.

Forget the current obsession with ranking highly in the search engines – in particular, ranking high in Google. You can spend hours on optimizing your site for the search engines without any immediate results, meanwhile your Adsense ads are sat there feeling lonely and neglected!

The Key to Increasing your Adsense Income - Traffic

So your website is up and running, you’ve got plenty of optimised pages, but you’re wondering just when you’re going to get that first elusive cheque from Adsense – or you know that you could make more money if you could increase your traffic.

There are some simple things you can do to increase your Adsense income immediately that will also help to build your income over the next few months too.

1. Build links to your site – not just any links, but links with sites which have related content. You can build your initial links using the free service provided by Link Metro. To further build and develop your links, there are two strategies that I have found useful. The first is to type in your keywords, and the phrase “add url” or “submit site” and you will find several sites that are related to your content that are actively looking to exchange links. This can be time-consuming, but there is software available to make this easier, such as that offered by SEO Elite.

2. Write articles and submit them to article directories – this can bring instant traffic to your site. You don’t have to write much, just 250 words or more. If you’re not sure what to write, visit the forums to see what questions people are asking and answer those questions! If you’re serious about submitting articles as a way to immediately increase your website traffic, you may wish to consider using article submission software to submit to dozens of article sites. This strategy also creates one-way links back to your site which again will help you to rank well in the search engines over time.

3. Write a free report or e-book and use it as a viral marketing tool to get your website information right across the internet. This is easier than it sounds as a free report can be just a few pages, or can even comprise a few articles that you’ve obtained free from the article sites!

4. Visit forums and other sites or blogs and leave a comment. Ensure that you leave a link back to your site and create an intriguing “signature” that get people interested in visiting your website. This strategy will also create links back to your site too!

5. Have your own blog as part of your website and update it regularly. If you struggle to write articles, you may find it easier to write in your blog (or web log). You can make entries of any length – the longer the better and make sure you use your keywords in your blog too. You can also add affiliate links which can provide an additional source of income too. Make sure you “ping” it to the search engines every time you update it, with Pingomatic and you’ll get immediate traffic. The search engines love fresh content and so will return regularly to visit your site to add any new pages, but mostly they see the regular updates as related content that also will improve your search engine rankings.

6. Add RSS to your site – this is an easy and quick way to add fresh, keyword-rich content to your site. If you find a related ezine or website that is offering RSS, just add this to your site and you’ll be getting loads of free visitors from content that somebody else has written!

7. Last, but by no means least, build your list. Just think of the hundreds of visitors that are going to visit your list every day, never to return. Just imagine what could happen to your traffic if you could capture the email addresses of these visitors and get them visiting your blog or site regularly? How about then selling to them via affiliate links once you have built up the trust between you and shown yourself to be an expert in your field? If you look at all the people who are making big money on the internet, they all have their own opt-in list. You can do this simply by using someone like A Weber to set up an autoresponder and by adding a simple PopUp, PopOver or PopUnder on your site to collect emails.
This really is the secret to building long term profitability for your site and your business.


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