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Welcome to the Google AdSense Sysytem In this community, How To Make More Money With Google Adsense? Our advice to you is quite simple.Don't be passive about your adsense income.Be positive .More importantly,What can You do to shoot your Adsense income through the roof-right now ! Keep in touch with us.We are giving the answers.Thanks. Add to Google

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3.How to "tweak" your ads to make them "click"!

3.1 Ad Formats : "Dress" your ads for success!

how would you like your ads served? Banners? Skyscrapers? Rectangles? Squares? what about borders and background colors?

The choices can be overwhelming.Many people let Google decide for them preferring to stick with the default settings.big mistake ! from my own experience I can tell you that it's like swapping a hundred - dollar bill for a ten - dollar one.

for almost one year I settled for just a tenth of what I could have been making - just because I didn't bother to control the looks and placement of my Ad sense ads.

the various ad formats,colors and their placement on the web page can be done in thousands of can literally spend hours every day experimenting with every possible combination.But you don't want to ,do you?

let me give you a few 'ground rules' that have sky - rocketed the CTR's on my top -grossing pages;

Thursday, July 9, 2009

2.4 As Easy as 1-2-3

The bottom line is that there are three ways to increase your adsense revenue.

1.By Tweaking the ads

to make them more appealing to your visitors;

2.By optimizing your website

for better Adsense targeting (or what the google folks call' content relevance')
and the only sure - fire way to get 1 and 2 right is by

3. Tracking visitor Response.

if you don't know what works ( and what doesn't work ) in trying to increase your adsense revenue... you're shooting arrows in the dark.

The right tracking tools can reveal a great deal about your visitors and answer fundamental questions such as what they are looking for and what makes them "click". once you've figured that out,bingo ! you're on your way to big Adsense bucks!

but it's not as straight - forward as it seems.if it were,there wouldn't be so many grumpy people
on Adsense forums,complaining about their low Adsense earnings.

it's not that they're not doing anything about it.they simply aren't doing the right things.
let me assure you that in the time that i have been using Adsense ,my earnings have only gone up-and so will yours,if you apply all my techniques seriously.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

2.3 Google Policies

Adsense works .I know it works because I've got the stats,the checks and the bank balance to prove it.and all of the methods that I used to increase my Adsense revenues were completely legitimate and in line with Google's policies.

That's is possible to cheat Adsense.but you'd have to be crazy to do can make so much money working within Google's rules that to risk getting thrown out by putting ads on pages without content or by persuading users to click on the ads is just plain crazy.

you can find an excellent run - down of Google's do's and don'ts (mostly don'ts) at and I've put a more detailed list at the coming post.

The things to look out for in particular are :

Code Modification

you have to paste the Adsense code into your site as is.and you don't need to do anything else.
your adsense account will let you play with colors and placements ( and getting those right is what will really rocket your income) so why bother playing with Google's HTML? It's not necessary and it could get you a life time ban.


when the ads appear on your page,you have to leave them complately might be tempted to tell your users to "click here" or "support your sponsors but if Google catches you,they could well cut you off.they want people to click because they're genuinely interested in the ad.get your strategy right and they'll do just that.


Google is pretty picky about where the ads are displayed.they don't want advertisers complaining to them that their services were being promoted on a site that supporters gambling
or is filled with profanity or contains more ads than content.if your content doesn't come up to scratch,you'll need a site that does.

Prohibited Clicks

and nastiest of all are the people who either click on their own ads or create programs to do itfor them.
The bottom line is that you don't need any of this staff,Maximizing your revenue within the rules is easy.!

The Adsense sign up page

The next piece of information that Google demands is your URL.there's only room for one url,which can be confusing if you have more than one site and want to put Adsense on all of them.don't worry about won't affect how use Adsense at all,so just put your biggest site for now.

The next question is whether you want content - based ads - the type of small text ads I've been discussing so far,search ads or both .(content - based ads are better but I'll tell you how to benefit from each so I recommend that you choose both.)

once you've approved,you'll just have to copy and paste a small piece of code into your website and you're done.!

Friday, June 26, 2009

2.2 Signing Up Made Easy

Before you can do anything though,you first have to sign's how you do it.
the sign up page asks for a relatively small amount of information, not all of which is as obvious as you might like.

First ,you'll have to tell Google whether you want an "individual"account or a "company" account - whether you're a company with more than twenty employees or practically a one - man show that's just you and up to nineteen others.that's important for just one tells Google whether to send the money.take a business account and the payments will be made in the name of your company,take an individual account,and they'll be paid directly to you.

you'll also be able to choose between three different ways of receiving your money.Electronic Funds Transfer,local currency check or secured Express general,it's better to get your money by direct deposit using the Electronic Funds Transfer ,Google charges for express mail checks.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Google says that it always assigns ads in such a way that publishers receive maximum revenues and advertisers get the best value for their money.

Therefore,if you have a site which talks about interior design and mentions "homemade furnishings" a great deal,Google will assume that your readers will be interested the sample ad above.but that won't be the only ad that could appear on your page.there could be dozens of others.Google will give you the ads that it thinks will give you the highest revenues.

That might not be the ad with the highest possible click price.if a lower paying ad gives you more clicks and higher overall revenues,you should find yourself receiving that ad instead.

in theory then,you could just leave it to Google to decide which ads to give you and which price.
in my experience though,that just cuts you out of giant can influence the choice of ads that you get on your page,both in terms of content and in terms of can certainly influence the number of clicks you receive on those ads.Google leaves that entirely up to you and it's a crucial part of the difference between earnings that pay for candy bars and earnings that pay for cars.

in short ,while signing up for Adsense can be both the beginning and the end of turning your site
into income,if you're serious about making serious money with your site ,it needs to be the beginning. you will want to make sure you're not getting low- paying ads, and you'll want to make sure that you're getting the clicks that turn those ads into cash.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2.1 What is Adsense ? Continue...

The company's owner might then say that he's prepared to pay $1000 overall for his advertising budget but not more than $ 1 for a click.he can be certain now of getting at least a thousand leads.but that's where his control over the ad ends.Google will figure our which sites suit an ad like that and put them where it seems fit,charging the advertiser up to a dollar a click until the advertiser's budget runs out.(of that dollar,how much the publisher receives is a Google secret.The
New York Times has reported Google pays publishers 78.5 percent of the advertising price per click.the figure hasn't been confirmed but it is around what most people in the industry expect Google to pay.)

That makes Adwords different to more traditional form of the print world,an advertiser chooses where it wants to place it's ads and decides if the price is worth paying.

The news paper also decides how much it wants advertisers to pay to appear on it's pages.Any advertiser that meets that price gets the slot and the publisher always knows how much his space is worth.

neither of those things are true online.

When an advertiser signs up to Adwords,he has no idea where his ads are going to turn up.
when you sign up to Adsense,you've got no idea how much you're going to be paid for the ad space on your page.
you leave it to Google to decide whether to give you ads which could pay just a few cents per click or ads which could pay a few dollars per click .

Monday, June 15, 2009

2.1 What is Adsense ? Continue...

People do try to build sites for ads not content,but they tend not to make as much money as high quality sites that attract loyal users who click on ads.the fact is we can make the most of both Adsense and our own ad space without knowing the algorithms that google users to assign ads and pay sites.

that's because Adsense is pretty the most basic level,Adsense is a service run by google that places ads on websites.when you sign up to Adsense ,you agree to take the ads that google gives you and receive a fee each time a user clicks on that ad (or for each thousand ad appearances the ad receives on your site,depending on the type of ad google give you).the ads themselves come from another google service : Adwords.if you want understand Adsense,you will need to understand Adwords.

advertisers submit their ads to google using the adwords program.they write a headline and
a short piece of text - and here's where it gets interesting - they choose how much they want to pay.

Advertisers decide on the size of their advertising budgets and the amount they're prepared to pay for each click they receive.Google then decides where to put those ads.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2.1 What is Adsense ?

before signing up to Adsense though, it's important to understand what you're signing up to.Many of the principles and strategies that i describe in this book make the most of the way that adsense works.if you can understand where adsense are getting their ads,how they assign those ads to web pages and how they fix the prices for clicks on those ads or for ad appearances on those pages,you'll be in a great position to manipulate adsense in a way that gives you maximum revenues.

unfortunately,we can't really do that.

Much of the way that google runs the adsense program is kept under wraps.we know a few things - and enough to do a great deal with our adsense ads.but we don't know it all.and for good reason.if it was clear how google figured out the content of each website and which ads suit that site best,there's a good chance that the web would be filled with site created specially to bring in the highest paying ads instead of sites built to bring in and inform users.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How To Get More Money From Google AdSense

Google AdSense can actually help you get more money online by simply displaying Google ads on your website. But you can maximize your online income by optimizing your website as you still push through with Google AdSense. Here are 20 ways to make maximize your website's potential online income with Google Adsense.

1. Focus on driving more targeted traffic to your website. The money this traffic will give you will be more than what Adsense can actually give.
2. Optimize your website to get only the most targeted traffic.
3. It is important that you know the Google AdSense Guidelines.
4. Keep in mind the Google AdSense TOS and follow it by heart.
5. Be familiar with the Google Heat map – you need this!
6. Submit posts on web content that you find relevant on – do this on high ranking websites closely related to your own website.
7. You can also post comments on forums about stuffs that are relevant to your website's theme.
8. Blogs are also a good option to join. They will help increase your website's popularity.
9. Your website certainly needs a Google sitemap, so have one!
10. Web Content must be first in the list of your priorities in your website.
11. Web Content must be relevant and useful to your target market.
12. Add more relevant content on your website whenever possible.
13. Make sure your website has a valuable source of information about interesting topics related to your website's overall theme.
14. Always have something interesting on your website to attract more site visitors.
15. Be familiar with Copyblogger – it makes sense.
16. Do not actually push your site traffic to click on the Adsense ads.
17. The Adsense ads can be reviewed – if you are unsure about its legibility.
18. Interesting and attractive yet relevant images can be placed close to the ads.
19. Quit the idea of animations on the website.
20. Integrate the ads with your website design – it looks coordinated.

Don't rely too much on the money that Google AdSense is giving you right now. You can have more money - legally. All you have to do is remember these tips and follow them by heart. These tips are proven effective in terms of increasing online income as you endeavor with Google AdSense. While you utilize Google Adsense on your website, be sure to find more ways to earn money without depending too much on AdSense.

Build Traffic, Increase Adsense Money from Your Site

Want to increase your Google Adsense income, make more money from your website and increase search engine traffic? Here’s some tips for boosting your Adsense revenue.

Forget the current obsession with ranking highly in the search engines – in particular, ranking high in Google. You can spend hours on optimizing your site for the search engines without any immediate results, meanwhile your Adsense ads are sat there feeling lonely and neglected!

The Key to Increasing your Adsense Income - Traffic

So your website is up and running, you’ve got plenty of optimised pages, but you’re wondering just when you’re going to get that first elusive cheque from Adsense – or you know that you could make more money if you could increase your traffic.

There are some simple things you can do to increase your Adsense income immediately that will also help to build your income over the next few months too.

1. Build links to your site – not just any links, but links with sites which have related content. You can build your initial links using the free service provided by Link Metro. To further build and develop your links, there are two strategies that I have found useful. The first is to type in your keywords, and the phrase “add url” or “submit site” and you will find several sites that are related to your content that are actively looking to exchange links. This can be time-consuming, but there is software available to make this easier, such as that offered by SEO Elite.

2. Write articles and submit them to article directories – this can bring instant traffic to your site. You don’t have to write much, just 250 words or more. If you’re not sure what to write, visit the forums to see what questions people are asking and answer those questions! If you’re serious about submitting articles as a way to immediately increase your website traffic, you may wish to consider using article submission software to submit to dozens of article sites. This strategy also creates one-way links back to your site which again will help you to rank well in the search engines over time.

3. Write a free report or e-book and use it as a viral marketing tool to get your website information right across the internet. This is easier than it sounds as a free report can be just a few pages, or can even comprise a few articles that you’ve obtained free from the article sites!

4. Visit forums and other sites or blogs and leave a comment. Ensure that you leave a link back to your site and create an intriguing “signature” that get people interested in visiting your website. This strategy will also create links back to your site too!

5. Have your own blog as part of your website and update it regularly. If you struggle to write articles, you may find it easier to write in your blog (or web log). You can make entries of any length – the longer the better and make sure you use your keywords in your blog too. You can also add affiliate links which can provide an additional source of income too. Make sure you “ping” it to the search engines every time you update it, with Pingomatic and you’ll get immediate traffic. The search engines love fresh content and so will return regularly to visit your site to add any new pages, but mostly they see the regular updates as related content that also will improve your search engine rankings.

6. Add RSS to your site – this is an easy and quick way to add fresh, keyword-rich content to your site. If you find a related ezine or website that is offering RSS, just add this to your site and you’ll be getting loads of free visitors from content that somebody else has written!

7. Last, but by no means least, build your list. Just think of the hundreds of visitors that are going to visit your list every day, never to return. Just imagine what could happen to your traffic if you could capture the email addresses of these visitors and get them visiting your blog or site regularly? How about then selling to them via affiliate links once you have built up the trust between you and shown yourself to be an expert in your field? If you look at all the people who are making big money on the internet, they all have their own opt-in list. You can do this simply by using someone like A Weber to set up an autoresponder and by adding a simple PopUp, PopOver or PopUnder on your site to collect emails.
This really is the secret to building long term profitability for your site and your business.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

3.How To "Tweak" your ads To Make Them "Click"!

3.1 Ad Formats; "Dress" your ads for success!

How would you like your ads served? Banners? Skyscrapers? Rectangles? Squares? What about borders and background colors?

The choices can be overwhelming. Many people let Google decide for them - preferring to stick with the default settings.big mistake ! From my own experience I can tell you that it's like swapping a hundred- dollar bill for a ten - dollar one.

For almost one year I settled for just a tenth of what I could have been making - just because I didn't bother to control the looks and placement of my Adsense ads.

The various ad formats,colors and their placement on the web page can be done in thousands of Combination.You can literally spend hours everyday experimenting with every possible combination.But you don't want to,do you?

let me give you a few 'ground rules' that have sky- rocketed the CTR's on my top - grossing pages.keep in touch with us to read next post.continued...

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