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Saturday, December 13, 2008

1.7 Search Engine Optimization

I am going to talk about search engine optimization here.actually all of you know about SEO.of course,once you're up,people have to know you're of the most important ways to do that is get yourself a high-ranking in a search engine.

There are lots of different search engines,but only three are really important.such as Google,Yahoo! and MSN.later I'll talk in more detail about improving your search engine rankings.

Thereupon,if you want to take a shortcut,there are plenty of companies which will make the submissions for you and they'll even optimize your site to get you as high on the rankings as possible.


Seosapien said...

"which will make the submission"
Are you serious??!? The first step should be on site optimization, proper coding, site map and robots.txt. The second step is to submit the sitemap to the major search engines and the third step is to get backlinks, you do not need to waste your money hiring a submission services, it is the most useless service anybody can buy!

My Blog said...

please give more information about how to earn speed in AdSense....

my blog also have one... but slow income only...

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