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Friday, December 5, 2008

1.6 Getting Started With

want to get up and running with Adsense really fast? Open an account at

blogger is like those old free websites that you could set up in a plash but which looked like they'd been cobbled together from bits of left - over graphics that no one else wanted.Except that the blog you create at is the real McCoy.It's professional,it looks great... and it takes just seconds to put together.

All you have to do is choose a name and title for your blog,take your pick of the good range of templates available and get writing.

You don't have to worry about coding or design work or images or anything else.if you change your mind about the way your blog looks,you can just pick a different template.All that's left for you to do is write... and add Adsense. Even that's been made easy for you. let's you apply for Adsense directly from it's site and it even gives you a preview of where your add will appear (at the bottom of the page) and how it will look.while you're waiting for your approval,you can play with fonts and colors so that you're all set up and ready to start earning.

of course,once you've done that,there are all sorts of ways to play with the layout and content.

With,You can do that in seconds.


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