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Welcome to the Google AdSense Sysytem In this community, How To Make More Money With Google Adsense? Our advice to you is quite simple.Don't be passive about your adsense income.Be positive .More importantly,What can You do to shoot your Adsense income through the roof-right now ! Keep in touch with us.We are giving the answers.Thanks. Add to Google

Sunday, August 31, 2008

1.2 Naming Your Site

The first thing your site will need is a name.That's easier said than done these days.All the best
words in the dictionary have either already been bought and built by developers or they've been
bought and offered by speculators.

but that doesn't mean you can't create a good name and buy it for a song.putting two words together with a hyphen can work (like and there are plenty of good names available if you are prepared to move outside the world of .coms into .net and .biz etc.

your first stop should be this is a nuts and bolts service
that lets you hunt and buy names, order hosting plans and even submit your site to the search engines.when you're looking for a name, you can just toss in ten options and the site will tell you
which (if any) are available. find a good one , and you can either buy it there or pick it up at (they can be a bit cheaper ) .all in ,buying a name from one of these
service won't cost you more than about $9 a year.

if you can't find a name which you like for your website and that hasn't already been grabbed,
you can take a look at sites like and are companies
that buy domain names and sell them for a profit.there's a good chance you will find some good names here but then can cost you anything from $ 50 to $ 50,000 .
before you part with a penny, think about the advantage that a good name can bring and ask
your self if you can't get the extra traffic a cheaper way.often ,you can.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1.1 Building Your Site

Most of people started asking me how they can make money with adsense.I'm always happy to help people make the most of Google,but many of these people didn't even have a website!

if you want to make money with Adsense,first of all,you have got to have a website.there is no
getting around that.the good news though is that it's never been easier to create a website from scratch and use it to generate real revenue.

I'm going to give a brief introduction here to creating a website from the ground can find plenty more information online and I'll tell you where to can find more information here,

if you already have a site up and running ,you can just skip this step.keep in touch to read next post for the next step.

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