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Friday, July 11, 2008


Google is going to offer people a little online storage, easier than others. They are working so hard on this project. People can access share information through Google's all new webbased hard drive. They first, have to logged in to Google, then they can access this new facility of Google. In thier some application Google already launches this technology.

This new tecnology of Google, would play a role like an umbella, which can be used by their other services, like photo sharing and e-mail could use. Though this service would likely to come before thier all other application. Google closes it's mouth in this regard. No response in this regard are commin g from them yet.

Yahoo and Microsoft lauches their own technology in this project. But Google's online storage is more easier than Yahoo and Microsoft . Google is going to charge a very small cost for this unique user interface. They charge a sum of $20 for 6GB of data storage up to $500 for 250GB, annualy.

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