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Friday, July 25, 2008

Google Launches Knol, an alternative of Wikipedia

Google has launched Knol (from: knowledge), the Wikipedia alternative that both polices and rewards contributers. The reward mechanism is due to integration of AdSense into the articles, with a revenue share between the authors of a particular topic.

A group of authors are allowed to create an article, or a Knol, this group then moderates the article by acting as gatekeeper to any changes made by other users outside the creator group. This imparts a sense of ownership to the author group. More than one knol can be created on a subject. Each knol can be rated by a group of users; rating which would perhaps be leveraged to search and sift through the numerous knols sure to be created on a topic.On the surface, this seems like a good system: on the one hand you have accountability, and on the other, incentive attached to that accountability. A good article would be a popular article, and a popular article would be more likely to get AD revenue. The circle is of a positive feedback. It would be an interesting social experiment to see which one of the two: Wikipedia -- which encourages social contribution to further group knowledge, or Knol -- which throws in a dash of capitalism to the mix; will be embraced by the larger community. Of course, there is no reason why both could not co-exist, perhaps Google could link out to related Wikipedia articles and vice-versa.

As an aside: as of the time of writing this -- there doesn't seem to be a Knol for Wikipedia, whereas there is a Wikipedia entry for Knol. Yes, we know, early days for Knol but still worth a chuckle.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

10 Reasons Why TextLinkAds and ReviewMe are Kicking Blogging Butt

I have found this Article when I was searching the internet.I found that article very useful and interesting.This is the reason why I decided to share this Article to my friends who are reading my articles , since I started this blog.

Lately it’s all been about ReviewMe and Text Link Ads (aff). These sister companies are becoming the base of online income and you can find their names on almost any page in the blogosphere, such is the consumer base and loyalty they have garnered and attracted.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tips for Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar is one of the most criticized software created by Google (competing with Google Desktop), mostly because of the privacy issues generated by some advanced features. But Google Toolbar is also pretty useful. Most of these tips work with the latest version of Google Toolbar for IE (v4) and Firefox (v3).

1. I'm Feeling Lucky. Type your query in the search box and press Shift+Enter if you want to bypass the search results page and to go directly to the top result.

2. A new window for my search results. To open the search results in a new window, press Alt+Enter after you type your query. You can combine this with the previous tip: Alt+Shift+Enter will open the top result in a new window. Depending on your settings, the page could open in a new tab instead of a new window.

3. Focus on search. If you want to go to the search box without using the mouse, type Alt+G (G is from Google).

4. Search Slideshow. If you want to move to the next search result without going back to the search results page, enable the Next / previous buttons:
Settings > Options > More > Even more buttons > Next & Previous

5. A better find-in-page. Most browsers have pretty poor options to find some words in a page. Firefox and Opera have inline search, but that's not pretty helpful if you want to find some words in a page, but you don't want perfect matches. Enable in Google Toolbar:
Settings > Options > More > Page Tools > Highlight search terms AND Word find
Now when you visit a page, type what you what to find in the search box, and click on the yellow crayon from the toolbar. The words found in the page will be highlighted in different colors, so it's easy to discover the interesting sections at a glance. To move to the next instance of a word, click on that word in your toolbar. To disable the highlighting, click on the crayon icon again.

6. Translation. Do you visit a German page that offers some interesting details about the latest Google Desktop vulnerability, but you don't know German. Just right-click anywhere in the page and select:
Page Info > Translate Page Into English
This should work for most languages available at Google Translate and Google automatically detects the language of the page.

7. Fixing typos. Maybe Firefox shows you the words that are misspelled, but Google can automatically fix the misspellings in a magical way.
Settings > Options > Features > Spell checker
Next time you type something in a text area, right-click on the arrow next to "Check" on the toolbar and select "Autofix". The green words are fixed by Google, while for the red words Google couldn't find a fix. You can click on the colored words to choose another suggestion.

8. Privacy alert. Google Toolbar pings Google's servers automatically to check for updates. If you don't want to send Google additional information, disable this features:
* Google-account related services: Bookmarks, Send to, Docs & Spreadsheets, Gmail button
* PageRank (option when you install the toolbar; to show you the PageRank of each page you visit, Google Toolbar needs to send it to Google)
* Send usage statistics to Google (disabled by default)
Google says in the privacy policy that, except for the Google-account features, no other information is connected to your Google account, even though they store it in their logs.

9. Customize the toolbar. In Firefox, you can customize the toolbar to occupy less space.
Settings > Options > Layouts
A good idea is to select "Replace Firefox search box and hide Toolbar". How to restore Google Toolbar icons? Right-click on the toolbar, click Customize and drag the icons to Firefox's toolbar. This way you can occupy a single row for the toolbars. But what about other search engines? See the next tip.

Here's an example of custom layout:

10. Add any search engine. You just have to right-click on any search box, and select "Generate Custom Search". Any search engine can be added to Google Toolbar. Click on the arrow next to search box and select one before or after you type a query.

11. Built-in calculator. Type "87/9", "12 kilometers in miles", or "e^2" and Google shows the answer directly under the search box. (This option is available in the regular search box included in Firefox 2).

12. Change the search engine.

For Internet Explorer: If the search box has focus, press the down arrow and type the first letters from the search engine name (for example, type "im" to get to Image Search). Then press enter and don't forget that the change is persistent.

For Firefox: Type Alt+down arrow and type the first letter of the search engine until your favorite search engine is selected. You can also type Ctrl+down or Ctrl+up to change the search engine to the next/previous one from the list.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Earning revenue from YouTube videos just got easier

We'd like to let you know about two recent improvements to video units that make them more easy and appealing to place on your sites. First, we've partnered with some new content providers that we'd like to highlight. These partners have signed on to let AdSense publishers embed their videos and share in the ad revenue.

  • Broadbandtv: "Broadbandtv is partnering with YouTube to bring the very best video program lineup to a growing and engaged online audience. Broadbandtv shows include hits from Fashion, Celebrity News, Sports, Technology, Comedy and Travel to top notch Spanish-language TV series like Somos Tu y Yo."
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: "CBC/Radio-Canada is Canada's national public broadcaster and one of its largest cultural institutions. CBC/Radio-Canada is available how, where, and when Canadians want it."
  • The Orchard: "A global leader in digital music, video, new media and brand services, The Orchard offers family content like Gumby, Mr. Bill, My Favorite Martian, and other categories of content like music and comedy."

To give you a better idea of the videos that are available for syndication to your site, we've also created a gallery of some featured video units content partners. Note that to choose any of these content providers for your video unit, you should get their YouTube username by visiting their YouTube channel, and then put this username into the "Channel" field when choosing content for your unit.

Second, we're happy to announce that video units now support 728x90 and 160x600 formats to more easily fit into your site. These two new formats will feature five video thumbnails - when a user clicks on one of the thumbnails, a full sized video unit will appear, along with accompanying ads:

728x90 video unit

728x90 video unit, expanded

160x600 video unit, expanded

You'll generate earnings for valid clicks or impressions on the ads which appear. To use the new formats, you'll need to create new video units by visiting your AdSense Setup tab. To choose the new content for your video units, you can edit any of your players or set up new video units dedicated to this new content. Please keep in mind that video units are currently only supported for English or Japanese-language accounts in the following regions:

Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Finally, if you haven't edited or made a new video unit recently, you may not have noticed that you can now preview the kinds of video that will show up in the unit, based on the filtering choices you've made. We heard that you wanted more insight into the types of content that would display, and we think this will help.

While you can use video units like any other ad, they're also a great addition to the content of your page. So we encourage you to use video units as you may have used embedded YouTube videos in the past - to add variety and interest for your users.

Thanks for all the feedback that's helping us to make video units more useful to you. If you have more thoughts to share, please leave us a comment.

Friday, July 11, 2008

How I Got Banned then Unbanned From Adsense

As you can see, I no longer use Google Adsense on this site anymore. There are multiple reasons including the fact that they make the reader experience worse by providing annoying ads, the fact that in most cases they are an eye-sore and poorly designed, and also by the fact that they took up too much space in my old design (especially in the sidebars), and only earnt me $10 or so each month.

So after this new theme was relaunched at the beginning of May, I’ve hardly been checking my Adsense account. So, when I tried to login a few days ago, I was shocked to see that Google wasn’t letting me in.

Now, the Adsense account is linked to my mother’s name as I’m not yet 18 years old, so I checked her email, and was horrified to see the following email:

Subject: Google Adsense Account Disabled

It has come to our attention that invalid clicks and/or impressions
have been generated on the Google ads displayed on your site(s).
Therefore, we have disabled your Google AdSense account. Please
understand that this was a necessary step in order to protect the
interest of the AdWords advertisers.

A publisher’s site may not have invalid clicks or impressions on any
ad(s), including but not limited to clicks and/or impressions generated

- a publisher on his own webpages
- a publisher encouraging others to click on his ads
- automated clicking programmes or any other deceptive software
- a publisher altering any portion of the ad code or changing the
layout, behaviour, targeting or delivery of ads for any reason

These or any other such activities that violate Google AdSense Terms
and Conditions and programme polices may have led us to disable your

OK, this really got my back up. I for one have hardly ever clicked on my own ads, and if I did, have immediately reported it to Google or a representative to warn them of invalid clicks. Therefore, I really was annoyed to have seen the back of my account, also due to the fact that there was still $40 left in there that I was being owed (I suppose that’s not a great deal for some, but £20 can get you a long way!).

Anyhoo, I immediately contested the decision (for those who are in a similar situation the link to contesting is here) to see whether my account could be reinstated. Within 24 hours, another Google rep had sent the following email:

Thank you for your email. As you know, Google treats instances of invalid
clicks very seriously. By disabling your account, we feel that we have
taken the necessary measures to ensure that invalid clicks will not
continue to occur on your site. Due to the proprietary nature of our
monitoring system, we are not able to disclose any specific details of
these clicks.

Short but sweet. I knew my battle was over. So it came as an immense surprise as I was writing this post to try and login to my account to find that I was able to do so with my $40 given back to me! Very strange, my emailing must have hit a G-Nerve somewhere! It seems by looking at a report, that a Blogger site that has been dormant for a year now, got around 20 clicks in 1 day - probably by some unscrupulous visitor/bot.

Anyway, morals of the story: don’t just rely on Adsense for your online income. Diversify your streams of income so that if one goes caput, you’ve still got others that will keep your pocket money or rent pay coming in monthly.


Google is going to offer people a little online storage, easier than others. They are working so hard on this project. People can access share information through Google's all new webbased hard drive. They first, have to logged in to Google, then they can access this new facility of Google. In thier some application Google already launches this technology.

This new tecnology of Google, would play a role like an umbella, which can be used by their other services, like photo sharing and e-mail could use. Though this service would likely to come before thier all other application. Google closes it's mouth in this regard. No response in this regard are commin g from them yet.

Yahoo and Microsoft lauches their own technology in this project. But Google's online storage is more easier than Yahoo and Microsoft . Google is going to charge a very small cost for this unique user interface. They charge a sum of $20 for 6GB of data storage up to $500 for 250GB, annualy.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to generate free Web Traffic!!

The finest optimized site, which has the best sales page, will not gain an extra penny if there are without increasing web traffic. Many webmasters have tried everything to make it to TOP.

On the other hand, there are still many ways on how you can be able to generate good web traffic without spending too much. Sometimes, it even comes free when added with perseverance and patience.

Exchanging links to other sites is a good strategy to generate web traffic. However, you should make sure that all sites that you make links with operate with a relative or similar niche. It is important that the links have relevance to the theme of your site. And share a common subject, you can get more hopes of getting good web traffic and your site will have a recommendation by the sites they are on.

Another advantage of exchanging links is that your site will have more possibilities of having a higher ranking in the different search engines. This may favorably help in getting traffic from the search engines plus the linking site. Most of the sites are open for submission of articles and directories, newsletters, and many more. Most of these sites offer those services free.

A good alternative and you can start submitting your own articles. If you want to save more, you can write your articles if you can so you will not pay for them. Although you can find many freelance writers that charge small fees, it is still advisable to write your own articles because you know your site very well.

A resource box a very important and necessary to include to your articles. Traffic exchanges are another form of link exchange. However, traffic from these exchanges is not well targeted and it may not possibly produce a lot of sales but it can rather be used to effectively capture names for your subscriber list. Anther good and smart way to increase web traffic is by having your own newsletter. The more subscribers you get, the more chances of increasing web traffic is achieved.

This may sound tiring because the more subscribers you have, the more you need to come up with unique and creative articles to distribute to them. This is the time that you need writers to write bunches of articles. The last good option to increase web traffic is having online forums. You can think of good subjects so that a lot of people will get interested. With a good subject, expect your members to be frequently logging into your site and you can get the web traffic that you have been dreaming of.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Google Maps Shows Real-Time Traffic Data

Google Maps shows real-time information about traffic for many US cities (like Kansas City, New York). To see this, switch to the map or hybrid mode and click on the new traffic tab. Google Maps will add a layer that colors the roads in green, yellow, red, or gray. The colors represent how fast the traffic is moving:

  • Green: more than 50 miles per hour
  • Yellow: 25 - 50 miles per hour
  • Red: less than 25 miles per hour
  • Gray: no data available

Until now, this feature was available only in the mobile client of Google Maps.

AdSense Product Referrals in Blogger

If you have an AdSense account, this latest launch of Google AdSense Referrals 2.0 is something you must look at. In addition to the traditional Google products, there is now a very long and varied list of products that you can include in your Blogs and offer your readers. In contextual ad targeting, the AdSense ads that appear in your Blog may not always be relevant, especially if you do not have a consistent theme in your posts. With AdSense Referrals, you are now able to pick the specific products that you like, and are paid the referral fees. In, it is easy to insert an AdSense for content widget but not a Referral unit. This article will explain how you can fill the “shopping cart”, customize the ad colors, insert the code and have the Referral ads appear just before or after your Blogs posts.

Before we begin, we assume that you already have an AdSense account. If you don't, you can always sign up for a Google AdSense account. AdSense is by far one of the preferred ways of monetizing your Blogs and they have various features which can earn you that extra income and revenue through blogging.

Setting up the Referral ads

1. Country and Language

Login to your AdSense account, click the “AdSense Setup” tab and choose “Referrals”. Somewhere near the top, you will see the default country and language that your Referral ads will be based in. If your readers are mainly from another country or are using another language, change the preferences and click “Show”. Since this is a new feature, some of the languages may see fewer advertisers.

2. Ad Format

Although you can begin to view the products and add them to the Shopping Cart, it may be wise to set the ad format at this stage. Some advertisers have predetermined ad formats which may not fit into your desired size. Choose the “Ad format” size that you like.

3. Choice of products

It is time to go shopping for the relevant ads. There are three ways you can do that:-

a. Keyword

Enter a keyword that is in line with your theme. You will be shown a list of products that match the keyword (maximum of ten keywords). You can click “Add this keyword to cart.” When you use this option, Google AdSense will rotate the ads to match this keyword and new products will be added automatically without further action at your end.

b. Category

You can browse by category. View the products. If you find a suitable category for your Blog, you can add the entire category to the Shopping Cart. New products in the category will be automatically rotated to show the highest-paying product ads in your Blog. You can have up to ten categories added into the Shopping Cart.

c. Products

You can also choose the specific products (a maximum of fifteen) to be added to your ad unit. View the products and click the link. You will be shown the referral fees and the terms. There may be different text ad formats and image ad formats that you can choose from. Where the ad size does not fit into the ad unit format that you have earlier determined, you will see a message “This size not compatible with currently chosen ad format.” Choose the one that fits and the product will appear in your Shopping Cart.

4. Best performing ads

You can tick the “Pick best performing ads” option to have Google AdSense display ads that they believe will bring you more revenue. Since it is based on Google's contextual targeting and analysis, the ads you chose may not be shown.

5. Advanced Options

Click “Advanced Options” and you will be asked to choose a color combination and a channel. Most of us would like the colors to blend with our Blogs. If that were the case, do not use the “Default Google palette” but choose instead any of the “AdSense palettes.” We shall talk about changing the colors later.

You can specify a custom channel to track the performance of these ads. This is particularly useful if you have several blogs and you want to know how well the ads in each blog have performed. Some may want to try out different ad positioning and assign a tracking channel to each of the ad units to monitor the clicks.

6. Colors customization

Once you are done, click “Continue” and you will be shown the Referrals code that you can add to your web site. The code looks something like this:-

The parts in red are the color codes. You can change the color values and assign different colors to the Referral ad border, background (bg), link, text or url. You may refer to the list of color codes and values or look at your template to find out what colors have been used for your Blog.

7. Placement of code

To insert the code into the Blog, go to Template -> Page Elements -> Add a Page Element either in your sidebar or post body area, and select HTML/JavaScript. Copy and paste the entire JavaScript code and save.

If you would like to have AdSense Referrals appear in every individual post, between your post title and post body, or between your post body and post footer, you may follow this guide AdSense Code in Blogger Post Body, parse the code and place it into the appropriate part of your template.

Under the current rules, you can place up to three AdSense Referral units and three standard AdSense for content units on a single webpage. Therefore, if you have placed the AdSense Referral code into your template, and there are five posts in your page, the ads will only be shown in the first three posts.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Clear Google Search History to Maintain Your Privacy

One of the most common questions I see about Google is “How do I clear my search history from the Google search box?”

What’s everybody guilty of :)? If you’re one of the many it seems that have search terms you’d prefer to hide from other users of your computer, or feel the need to protect your privacy for bigger reasons, this article is for you. When you key into either the Google home page search box, the Google Toolbar search box or the Firefox Googlebar extension, the the search terms you keyed are stored unless disabled. Then, on subsequent uses of the search box, it suggests what it is you might want to search for by showing a drop down list filled with previously keyed search terms whose initial characters match what you are keying. For example, if you in the past searched for “hot pictures” and your spouse, kids or boss sit down and start to key in “hot tamales,” the words “hot pictures” will be in the drop down box as a suggestion for them. If this situation doesn’t thrill you, you need to tell the browser, and Google Toolbar or Firefox Googlebar to cut it out!

Deleting search history from the Google home page search box

In Internet Explorer

The search history that displays in the search box on the Google homepage is stored by your browser, not by Google. You can clear the history or disable this feature entirely by following these steps:

  1. Go to the “Tools” menu
  2. Select “Internet Options”
  3. Select the “Content” tab
  4. Within the “Personal Information” area, select “AutoComplete”
    • To clear the current history, click on “Clear Forms”
    • To disable this feature entirely, uncheck the “Forms” box

You can also delete individual entries from your search history by using the Down arrow key to highlight a previous search and then pressing the Delete key.

In Firefox

As with Internet Explorer, you can also clear the search history or disable the feature in Firefox.

  1. Go to the “Tools” menu
  2. Select “Options”
  3. Select the “Privacy” tab
  4. Within the “Saved Form Information” area:
    • To clear the current history, click on “Clear”
    • To disable this feature entirely, uncheck the “Save information I enter in web page forms and the search bar”

Another way to very quickly clear the search history is to place your cursor in the search box, right click and select “clear search history.” This is faster for on-the-fly clearing.

You can also delete individual entries from your search history by using the Down arrow key to highlight a previous search and then pressing the Shift-Delete key.

Deleting search history from the Google Toolbar

The Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer also retains the search history if you let it. Clearing the current search history or disabling the feature in the browser does not affect the Google Toolbar. You have to do it in the Toolbar separately.

To completely disable your Toolbar’s search history

  1. Select the “Options” button on the Toolbar
  2. Un-check the box next to “Drop-down search history”

To simply clear the current search history:

  1. Click the Google logo to access the drop-down menu
  2. Select the “Clear Search History” option

Deleting search history from the Googlebar Firefox extension

The Google Toolbar has not yet been written for Firefox, but there is an extension called Googlebar that provides a similar function. It also retains the search history. The difference is that it does not automatically place everything in a drop down list for the user to see. But, it is there to view with the click of a check mark at the right of the search box.

To completely disable Googlebar’s search history:

  1. Click on the Googlebar logo at the left side of the bar
  2. Select “Googlebar Options”
  3. Select the Miscellaneous tab
  4. In the “Save History” section, uncheck “Preserve the search history across browser sessions”

To simply clear the current search history:

  1. Click the Googlebar logo
  2. Select the “Clear Search History” option

How Many Posts Should You Show On Your Blog’s Front Page?

It’s not a topic that I’ve written about specifically before so let me write on that topic now for you and open it up for some discussion (looking forward to seeing what others think).

I’ve never put a lot of thought into the number of posts on a blog’s front page before and think that it probably varies a little from blog to blog.

There are two main factors that I like to achieve on a blog’s front page:

1. Highlighting a variety of posts - my personal preference is to have more than one or two posts on the front page so that when new readers come to it they are more likely to find something that interests them to read.

While blogs with just one post on the front page are definitely ‘cleaner’ and can be quite visually pleasing I worry a little that they miss out on connecting with readers who come and don’t find that one post to connect with them.

2. Not too much clutter and length - I find this hard to achieve and it’s a balancing act with point #1 - but I don’t like to have my front page as being too long or too overwhelming.

As a result I try to use ‘excerpts’ on my front page - giving readers the title and a taste (a paragraph or two) of each article and the option to click a link to read more.

While I know some bloggers don’t like these excerpts/extended entries (some believe blogger do it to increase page views) I do it simply so I can highlight more posts on the front page and shorten the length of the overall page.

Another option is to use larger segments of your posts in ‘feature posts’ and to show shorter excerpts from other posts (or even just titles).
It’s a Balancing Act

As with many aspects of blogging - it’s something that you need to balance. Some blogs lend themselves more to featuring full posts on front pages, others can get away with excerpts more. Some blogs have 20-30 posts on the front page while others just have one.

I guess it’s partly personal preference and partly working out what works with your topic and readership.
What’s Your Preference?

How many posts do you have on the front page of your blog?

Do you use excerpts or full posts on the front page?

Why have you made the decision as you have?

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Access thousands of advertisers

With Google's extensive advertiser base, we have ads for all categories of businesses-and for practically all types of content, no matter how broad or specialized. And since Google provides the ads, you have no advertiser relationships to maintain.

The AdSense program represents advertisers ranging from large global brands to small and local companies. Ads are also targeted by geography, so global businesses can display local advertising with no additional effort. And you can use AdSense in many languages.

Get started in minutes

Becoming an AdSense publisher is simple. All it takes is a single online application. Once you're approved, AdSense takes only minutes to set-up. Just copy and paste a block of HTML and targeted ads start showing up on your website.

Enter your Email address.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

7. Develop Several Pages Focused on Particular Keywords.,8

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists no longer recommend using external doorway or gateway pages, since nearly duplicate webpages might get you penalized. Rather, develop several webpages on your site, each of which is focused on a different keyword or keyphrase. For example, instead of listing all your services on a single webpage, try developing a separate webpage for each. These pages will rank higher for their keywords since they contain targeted rather than general content. You can't fully optimize all the webpages in your site, but these focused-content webpages you'll want to spend lots of time tweaking to improve their rank.

8. Submit Your Webpage URL to Search Engines. Next, submit your homepage URL to the important Web search engines that robotically index the Web. Look for a link on the search engine for "Add Your URL." In the US, the most used search engines are: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL Search, and Some of these feed search content to the other main search engines and portal sites. For Europe and other areas you'll want to submit to regional search engines. It's a waste of money to pay someone to submit your site to hundreds of search engines. Avoid registering with FFA (Free For All pages) and other link farms. They don't work well, bring you lots of spam e-mails, and could cause you to be penalized by the search engines. We'll talk about submitting to directories under "Linking Strategies" below. If your page is already indexed by a search engine, don't re-submit it unless you've made significant changes; the search engine spider will come back and revisit it soon anyway.

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